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NBC News Art Directing, ABC News Digital Compositing and Commericals

With my experience in a fast paced news and commercial production environment I have the skills necessary to help you continue to add on to your multimedia needs. I have worked for ABC, NBC and PBS. These television stations have given me valuable experience in all phases of video production including: video editing, Chyron, studio camera and computer graphics. I am proficient with a variety of high end 3-D animation and paint software systems such as SoftImage. I have a great deal of experience working on animations for commercials and corporate video. With my computer graphics and design experience in a fast paced news and commercial production environment, I have the video graphics skills you need!

Computer graphic artist Channel 11, ABC station

Commercial for Sandi's Florist

Designer channel 17, NBC station

Designed station look which includes a complete graphics package for the start up news station. I worked closely with the News Director and artists to develop the station "look". This includes the style of the Chyron name supers, the full screen graphics and monitor anchor shots. The package also includes the look of the maps and the double live boxes.

I developed the style for the full screen maps as well as the process to make them. There were basic elements of the map "look" that make the maps consistent with the station look. The process to make them allows them to be made quickly. When there is breaking news and we blow up a country for example, the first thing the news producer wants is a map to go on the air as soon as possible!

We worked closely with the weather anchors to develop their full screen graphics. Some would be keyed on a blue screen background where she could walk into the graphic and give the forecast as the graphics change behind her on the air. The Chyron for the weather graphics were generated daily for each newscast by the graphic artist of the show.

As well as designing graphics for the new start up station. My daily responsibilities were to meet with the producer and decide the appropriate graphics for the stories. Then the I would make the graphics for the full screens and monitor shots.

I would also generate graphics needed for pre-production segments. Then, I would generate the Chyron and backgrounds needed for the taped segments and call them up for the director or editor during the daily pre-production session.

As the graphic artist, I was also responsible for generating the Chyron for weather, name supers and full screen Chyron text add-ons over backgrounds. During the newscast, I would call up the graphics and Chyron live.

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