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User Interface Design and Web Design

SouthPeak Interactive, contract graphic artist.

Recently, I completed a Web enabled CD-Rom while working with SouthPeak Interactive. SouthPeak Interactive is the game division for SAS Institute. This project gave me first hand knowledge about the process of developing games. I worked with our team to develop the graphic interface and interface objects for navigation of the CD-Rom. Also, I worked with our team to design the attractor and then used the leading edge SoftImage animation tools to implement the design. We conceptualized and developed graphic backgrounds incorporating real and computer generated objects. This work has increased my knowledge of user interface design, graphic and video production for the Web, and exposed me to a variety of new tools for graphic design and animation.

This cd-rom was an interactive cd-rom explaining the Data mining concept which uses SAS Software. The cd-rom was written as a web site that has a connection to a data mining web site using the cd-rom that could be updated with the latest data mining papers and technical information.

My involvement with this project was from the conception to completion. The team worked define what the cd-rom project would be, as well as the user interface for the cd-rom. And the individual pages in the cd-rom. It included 3-D models as objects for selection and a wonderful rollover technique to give the interactive cd fun to use.

The project also incorporates video segments explaining the data mining concept as well as many audio effects designed for the project. The cd-rom is based on a metaphor of a diamond mine. The live action guide leads you through the cd and explains how to navigate through it as well as appearing throughout it.

The process: drawings of the concept. During the concept stage of the project I sketched out the concepts for each page and laid the whole project on a table, so the team could "play" the cd from page to page, and test the navigation. This helped us see our concept and see that it worked as a whole.

Many of the selection icons were modeled using high end SoftImage 3-D animation and paint software.


The cover uses a graphic from an animation I designed. I worked with the print production department to work on the design and graphic for the cover of the cd-rom.


Here is a sample of one of the pages designed for the Digging for Diamonds cd-rom project.



Web Graphics

Web graphics from Lockheed Martin intranet sites

The following shows a web page redesign project for NHEERL

This is an online newsletter for NHEERL

These are some animated gifs created to be used in key highlights for web pages

Special Promotion for a workshop on joint research projects.
I like to call this one "Wag the Dog"
Promotion for a workshop on UV Research




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