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3-D computer animation and graphics

I am proficient with a variety of high end 3-D animation and paint software systems such as Maya, 3DS Max, and Photoshop. I have a great deal of experience working on animations for commercials and corporate video. With my computer graphics and design experience in a fast paced news and commercial production environment, I have the video graphics skills you need!

Cat Helicopter

This section includes screen shots from my 3-D computer animation portfolio. From my demo tape you can see that I have experience designing logos and animations for corporate and commercial video. I would work closely with the client to design concepts and determine graphic needs within their budget and time frame. My background in design and traditional animation has been a valuable resource to come up with fresh new looks for video production opens, and animation designs. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Screen shots for Lee Jeans corporate video. The Lee patch was a rectangle solid model with the leather patch painting applied toit. I airbrushed the patch to make it look like leather with dimension.

Animation for Northeastern Nursing school. The animation was for a Kiosk to appear in airports. The touch screen would display information about the school such as the programs they offer and how to apply.

Interactive Video installation, Valencia, California

The Phone Booth, Modular Theater, California Institute of the Arts.

Interactive computer animation and music installation. Designed interactive user interface to function as a telephone dial. The user enters the bright red phone booth and dials different music to go with recorded computer animations.

The yellow pages directory listed the electronic music composers and the computer graphic artists for the animations played on a monitor inside the Phone Booth.

Character designs and figure drawings

Mike Giamo, Character Designer

Course in character design from the former Disney animator and Art Director of the feature film Pocahontas, Mike Giamo. He has worked with art directing and character design for many films such as Roger Rabbit. He regularly free-lances for Hanna-Barbera, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, and commercial production houses.



My training in traditional drawing animation has opened a whole new realm in design for me. As an animator, you are the character designer, the set designer, and the story teller. What motivates your character? What are his actions?

I would test my animations by creating a pencil test. The pencil test shows me the speed and movements of my drawings.

Then I shot them on the oxberry animation camera.


WJ Evans, Art Director, Hollywood, CA.

Assistant to W.J. Evans, the Art Director for The Ice Capades, and the conceptual designer for such innovative shows as, The Buggaloos, and H.R. Puff and Stuff, Hollywood, CA. Set design and construction for a traveling theater show. Sculpted a number of props for the production, such as a life size dinosaur "puppet", and a pegasus horse that would move across the ceiling with a person inside to animate the wings. 1988.

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