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About the Artist: Suzanne Snipes, Computer Animator, Designer

Welcome to my internet portfolio. I have included many samples of 3-D computer animation and graphics. I also have a great deal of experience with film and animation techniques that are used in the entertainment industry today. Starting with my post baccalaureate training at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 1987, I have worked in varied disciplines from computer animation to video graphics and multimedia design.

Like many before me, I decided to go west to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. I attended California Institute of the Arts to study computer and traditional animation. CalArts has been invaluable experience for me. I have taken a number of classes in the Character Animation Department. This is the training program for the Walt Disney Studio, using traditional hand drawn animation techniques. Many of the faculty work at Walt Disney, and teach a night class in their field. I have completed a class with Mr. Dan Hansen, who is the head of the Layout Department at Disney. I have also studied design with Mr. Bob Winquest, who is the head of the Character Animation Program. In these classes and others, I have studied the Principles of Animation developed by the Walt Disney Studio. I have found many ways to apply this knowledge to computer animation.

Oxberry film animation camera.

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